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One team of AFEC-X 2017 published their mini-project result on Ecological Entomology

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Congratulations and thanks to the Xiang LIU, Zheng-Hong WANG, Chen-Yu HUANG, Man-Ru Li and Farkhanda Bibi !!!

Liu, X., Wang, Z., Huang, C., Li, M., Bibi, F., Zhou, S. and Nakamura, A. (2019), Ant assemblage composition explains high predation pressure on artificial caterpillars during early night. Ecol Entomol. doi:10.1111/een.12826


1. Predator–prey interactions, especially those involving herbivorous insects, are of great importance in maintaining biodiversity. Predation pressure varies temporally in response to prey availability and activity. However, little is known about the patterns and drivers of fluctuations in predation pressure at fine temporal scales.

2. Artificial caterpillars (placed on plant leaves at breast height) were used to assess changes in predation pressure across four time intervals of the day in a monsoonal tropical rainforest in south‐west China. The study examined how assemblage composition of arboreal ants, the dominant predators, changed across the same time intervals. The potential linkages between biotic (arboreal ants) and abiotic (temperature and light intensity) factors with predation rate were evaluated.

3. Predation rate on caterpillars during the early part of the night (19.00–01.00 hours) was significantly higher than in the morning, afternoon, or late night. Ant assemblage composition, rather than species richness or total abundance, best explained the variations in predation rate on artificial caterpillars.

4. The results help to strengthen understanding of trophic interactions by demonstrating that predation pressure fluctuates at finer timescales than previously tested, and that a particular set of ant species may play major roles in predation on caterpillars and possibly other organisms.

Highlights of this research
Xiang LIU, Chen-Yu HUANG, Man-Ru Li, Farkhanda Bibi and Zheng-Hong WANG (left to right) in the field.
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